The right side of the brain–my creative mind–is always working to create something–a DIY home project, organizational documents like to-do lists, or a shirt that needs to be cut up to add a little touch of Shadé style. In addition, I have a love for mathematics, structure, and symmetry, which is pulled from the left side of the brain. In our household, I do the budgeting, and I love it!

AZ Refreshed

I blogged years back before my son was born. With a new baby and a nine to five, I just didn’t have time, nor wanted to make time to put an emphasis on blogging.

But now, in a new space, my vision for myself and my family has shifted and I am refreshed and passionately focused on sharing all of my creative energy with you all.

Let’s be each other’s accountability partner on the journey to the top of whatever we are trying to be better.



*If you want to see my old stuff, visit here:


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