Un-Boxing: 2016 Erin Condren LifePlanner

EC Planner Main

After a year and half of first discovering it and researching the best fit planners for me, I finally made this investment in my life happiness. That’s right. I purchased the Erin Condren LifePlanner.

I told my mom that’s what I wanted for my birthday this month, and she said, “Who wants a planner for their birthday?!” Well, me. And apparently thousands of other women in this craft niche.

Planners and organization are my things of all things. If I were sent to a deserted island and could only take one item with me, it would be my planner. How else would I schedule and remember my “treat yo self” DIY exfoliant sand and sea water scrub?

Here’s a quick un-boxing of what all I ordered.


I would be excited with getting the box only. Ha…It’s so cute! And if it weren’t for the mailing stickers and marker, I could reuse it as a memory box or something…to be real, I may just cover the top with scrapbook paper and proceed.

Opening it up is like receiving a gift from a friend.


A few free treats. I believe these come if you’re a first time orderer. The Cheers, Thanks, and Stand Out are stickers and Best Thing You Can Do is a post card


I opened it the day before I shot these photos, so the wrap is a bit wrinkled. And even though I was raring to use it at first sight, I made sure not to use anything until I got these shots the next day for you guys.

The presentation is great. It’s all in the details.


And bubble wrap to protect and to keep it all in place.


For my add-ons: I got a dashboard to keep track of my to-dos that may take more than a week to get to, but don’t want to forget; a pen holder that sticks right in the planner; and personalized planner labels (labels also come with the planner).


And here she is!


I  got the Geodes | Pink cover. Another treat that comes with all covers and planners is the option to personalize the cover with your name, initials, or whatever words you want to put on there.

If you love the Erin Condren LifePlanner as much as I do, click my referral link here to get $10 off your first purchase whether it’s the planner or anything else on the site!

If you still need to look at the insides, go on her site. She has videos that walk you through the features. Then come back here, grab this link, so you can get your $10 off, so that way we both win!

I hope this was helpful for those who are new to the discovery of the #ECLP, and for those who were in the know, but haven’t purchased yet and just needed an extra peek into what all goes in the package.

If you are the planning and/or creative type, you will love this right-hand chick.

See ya soon,







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