Easy On-The-Go Lip Color | And It’s Under $6

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Calling all Moms, Working Women, College Students, and just plain busy women!

There is a lip combo that is quick to apply, and it wears most of the day. So, you won’t have to worry about constantly checking the mirror for the dreaded lipstick teeth, or reapplying multiple times in a day. And best of all, it’s under 6 dollars.

So, all you need is a lip liner pencil in whatever color you like, and chapstick.

Yes, you can pick any kind of either, but not all lip liners nor chapsticks are created equally.


One of my favorite lip liners is the NYX slim lip pencil because it goes on extremely smooth and it’s cheap. I actually bought them in bulk (about 15) to use on my makeup clients a few years ago.

On the NYX site I linked above, they sell the pencil for $3.50, but….if you go to your local beauty supply store you can find them for cheaper at about $2.98. Also at Target, I was so estatic when they brought in the NYX line. They’re not in all of them though.


NYX Lip Pencil | Plum

And for chapstick, you can go for the ever popular and tasty EOS lip balm, which retails for $2.99 at Target.


EOS Organic Lip Balm | Honeysuckle

When EOS lip balm was first released a few years ago, I did not like it. It made my lips peel and after a few hours of wear, it had a gritty feel. Yuck. But it seems as though they got some feedback and changed the formulation. I love it now, and will continue to purchase it…even at it’s steep-for-a-drugstore-chapstick price. I’m ride-or-die for my good chapsticks.



  1. Line your lips then fill them all the way in with the lip pencil. Depending on how much you apply will determine the intensity of the color. More penciling in = Darker/True to color shade.
  2. Apply the lip balm.


Here’s a snapshot of me wearing this combo at the doctor’s office. Gotta do something while you wait!

IMG_3653 - Version 2

NYX Lip Pencil | Plum

And there we go! Hope this quick tip simplifies your day. You can focus on the important things like family, work, or school work…and look beautiful while doing it.

What’s your go-to for easy, stress-free lip color? Tell me in the comments below.







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