DIY Super Hero Dessert Table

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I really had a great time putting together the decor for the dessert/snack table for my son’s 3rd Birthday Super Hero Party. Did you miss the highlights from the party? Check it out here.

I wanted to go all out and treat my son for a a couple reasons:

We had a pretty low key and almost non-existent birthday last year. So, yes, there may have been a tinge of guilt motivating this party planning. Also, We just had another baby, and I wanted my big boy to get a little extra shine. That 3 year old attention seeking business is no joke. Add in a new baby? Forget about it.

I kept the food simple. I could have gone more into themed food like “kryptonite rock candy,” (so cool, right?) but I wanted to focus the limited time I had (one week..with a new born) on the super hero look and feel of the party, so the kids really felt like they were soaring amongst the city buildings…like real super heros.

The Materials

Table cloth

Table runner (folded up rectangle plastic table cover)

2 or 3 medium sized boxes

Wrapping paper (blue and red)

Black Sharpie

Blue treat bags

Superman letter banner


Super Hero Logos for cupcakes

Lollipop sticks

Clear plastic party cups

Comic book phrase graphics

Tape/Sticky Dots

Paper plates

Glass container for drink


The Food



Hulk Smash Punch* 

That is a Shade’ and Zayd collaboration. I named the drink and Z made the recipe. I’ll give you the easy recipe at the end of this post.





What makes dessert tables look amazing and “Pinterest ready” is the levels created to add dimension. I used boxes to add levels.

From the Dollar store, I got wrapping paper and wrapped the boxes up like I would a gift. I didn’t have any of these size boxes at home, so I asked the dollar store if they had any boxes they could give to me. Luckily, it was a delivery day. You could ask any store for boxes, you just have to be quick before they break them down and throw them out.

Super Hero Letter Banner*



Click here to get the free banner printable I found on a design site

Super Hero Logos*


I punched out the emblems with a 2″ circle punch and used them for the cupcake toppers and the prize bags

Comic Book Snack Cup*


The cups came 10 in a pack from the dollar store. We only invited two other kids and their parents, so we didn’t need many.

The comic book phrase graphics transformed the table once they were put in place–one of my favorite features! This site has great super hero inspiration and if you’re not into DIY projects as much as i am you can purchase super hero materials from them. Get their free comic book graphic printable from here . The party on this site can also give you more super hero inspiration.

Hulk Smash Punch

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.58.17 AM

So easy. All you need is a gallon of lemonade and a container of lime sherbet! Mix it up and serve. The great thing about using sherbet is that the drink is already cold…no need for ice:)

* I went to Office Depot and Staples to print all of my graphics. At Staples, print on their regular paper. It’s really nice plus their cardstock + printing is so expensive!



My Total Cost for Project

Table cloth |  Already had

Table runner |  $1

2 or 3 medium sized boxes |  Free! Asked for boxes when I was at the dollar store

Wrapping paper (blue and red) |  $2

Sharpie |  Already had

Blue treat bags |  $1

Superman letter banner, Super Hero logos, Comic book phrase graphics | For printing: $11

String |  Already had

Lollipop sticks |  Already had

Clear plastic party cups |  $1

Tape/Sticky Dots |  Already had

Paper plates |  $1

Glass container for drink |  Already had

Total: $17

Pretty cheap right? Make sure to put together any items you may already have before you go shopping, and make a list of needed materials. Whenever I fail to do this, I always overspend.


Tag me on social with @MsZenith7 if you decide to take on a super hero party. I’d love to see your creations!





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